Tuesday, December 15, 2009


As I look outside the window,
I see the clouds up above against the blue skies,
I see the garden of flowers, complete with the many hues,
As I ponder deep inside me, I felt low.

Although the scenery outside looks very nice,
But it does not deep inside me,
I tend to wonder, where do I go from here?
Is my life devoid of any directions or any clue?

Do I wander around figuring out that this is it?
Do I need to set goals and objectives to go with it?
So many questions, yet I do not have any solutions to it.
So what am I supposed to do with it?

I looked up above again, I saw the sun shining brightly,
I realised that we need some kind of way,
A way to tell us that we are on the right way,
Then our directions will be going in the right way.

Its better than stumbling around here and there,
Groping around hoping to strike gold,
But each time, its not gold,
Breaking our hearts right in the centre core.

Plan your directions, Set Targets,
So you will know your progress,
Do not be disappointed when you do not do well,
For nothing is impossible if we put together our heart and soul.

Believe in yourself, Be confident,
Am sure the direction that you are going will be bright,
Making your directions clearer than ever,
And your future becoming brighter!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Takes time

Words do not simply come out of me,
For if I talk too fast, it hurts,
If I hurt your feelings,
It would be difficult to re-gain your confidence in me.

So it is best, to refrain from talking without thinking,
In a fit of anger, your thou
ghts would be confused,
t would be best to do some calculating,
It would be best to re-check your card.

For it takes time to make friends,
It takes time to have someone believing,
It takes time for convincing,
It takes time to have true friends.

It takes time to know the true colours in a person,
It takes time to know the true feelings in a person,
It takes time to know the motive in a person,
It takes time to know a person.

So forgive me if I take my time,
Forgive me if I am late,
For it was never my intention to disbelieve,
It is just that I would like to take my time.

For time tells the story of a person,
Of how well the person is,
The true colours,
Black or white will be made known.

Forgive me, if I take my time.....

Friday, August 28, 2009

Nobody Knows

Nobody knows what your heart says,
Nobody knows what your head says,
All they know is you are not helping,
All they know is you are not doing anything.

Little do they realise, you are doing something,
Little do they realise, you are hard working,
Little do they realise, you do care for people,
Little do they realise, how capable you are.

People sometimes have a narrow perception of things,
People sometimes think a little low of others,
People sometimes say things based on what they are seeing,
People sometimes say things without thinking!

Do not be this "nobody knows",
Be someone that "somebody knows",
For it means a lot to the other person,
For it shows how much you care for this other person.

For today, you may not need someone's help,
For today, you are strong and invincible,
No one knows whats in store,
No one knows when we are going to put our hands up!

Start by being someone that cares,
Start by being someone that understands,
For today if you start this,
You will start something good for the future generations!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Friend

A friend in need, is a friend indeed,
As per the saying goes,
Everyone wants to be a friend,
But not everyone can be friends.

When you are in trouble,
They will run away from you,
When you are in trouble,
They do not remember you.

A friend in need is a friend indeed,
It is through this time,
The true colours can be clearly seen,
Whatever shade clearly shown.

A true friend is someone who stands by you,
A true friend is someone who will guide you,
They will not abandon you,
They will not foresake you.

A true friend will understand you,
A true friend will not laugh at you,
They will laugh together with you,
They will cherish you.

Be a good friend to everyone,
Be it your enemy or even a stranger,
For it pays not to destroy someone,
It does not pay to be a back stabber.

Friendship travels through many years,
Right from your childhood days till your graying days,
For if you have become a good friend,
This friend will remember you till old.

Let bygones be bygones,
If you have made a mistake,
Apologise and admit your mistake,
Its not wrong but it improves.

So start your day by being a friend,
And may this world be a better world,
For the generations to come,
For them to cherish the good value.

So be a friend and may you be a friend indeed.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Ever thought about your life?
Ever thought about how you want to live?
Living the life,
Making each moment full of life!

Do we want to live the life full of regret?
Or do we choose to fill it with love and happiness?
Am sure each and everyone will choose the that,
For it makes sense and brings happiness.

But how do we live that life?
Not too difficult,
Not too mind boggling as a matter of fact,
Its very simple!

Achieve contentment,
Achieve satisfaction,
Achieve happiness throughout,
Achieve recognition.

Simple but all too difficult,
Because people's desires are never limited,
People always desire to have the most,
Being better than your friend.

But being better than your friend,
Doesnt mean that you must betray him,
Being better, doesnt mean you must destroy him,
Being better means you are his friend in need.

He will always think of you,
For you are the person that he could turn to when he needed help,
You were the person that extended that help,
And that made him think of you.

True, one might say, he wont remember you,
He wont think of you unless he is in trouble,
He is only making use of you,
But do remember at least you have helped someone!

Isnt that good? Isnt that worth the while?
I maybe alone in this opinion,
For it is always better to be of help to someone,
Rather than being any to none.

Nonetheless, it is much better not to think of evil things,
Nonetheless, it is much better not to do evil things,
Do not be envious of others,
Do not have hate for others.

They did not steal from you,
They did not take any from you,
They have achieved it on their own,
They made it this far through their sweat and brow.

So let us all be together,
Let us all think as one,
For it is good to have a life,
It is good to live together as one!

And that is living!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I look and I see, I hear but I dont know

I look and I see,
I hear but I dont see,
I see with my own eyes,
But I may not hear with my own ears.

People may say the wrong things,
When you hear them, you make wrong decisions,
Why should we based our decisions on hearsay,
When what we think is what we should say!

But then its human nature,
To listen to what people say,
For they say, there is no smoke without fire,
But then, where is the fire, more importantly.

People may sometimes make stories,
Make smoke even when there is no fire!
For to them, they feel its their duty to make fires!
Perhaps they like fire!

I beg each and everyone of us,
Is it good to make or douse a fire?
For today, their house is on fire, tomorrow it could be yours,
When disaster strikes, who do you turn to, when you are the fire?

No one in the right sense of mind would want to come close to you,
For they do not want to be fired by you!
They do not want to be fried,
Do you then like to be fried?

Havent we forgotten what our parents used to tell us?
Dont play with fire! You will get burnt,
I know mine did and till now its still ringing in my ears!
So dont play with fire, you will get burnt!

So my solemn prayer to everyone,
Dont play and be a fire,
Its not wise to be one,
For your fingers will be the victim of fire.

To each and everyone, friends and families,
Dont listen to what people say, for this is what they say,
Look with your eyes, listen with your ears,
For it betters your day!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

A piece of matchstick is no match,
Likewise one person is of no match,
Against the many problems,
Against the many troubles.

Many sticks that bind together,
Many members that cling together,
Unbreakable would be the sticks,
Unbreakable would be the spirits,

United we stand, divided we fall,
Alone by ourselves, we are defenseless,
Alone by ourselves, we are powerless,
Why should we stay divided, if we know we will fall.

All members need to stand together,
All members need to be together,
All differences set aside,
All problems pushed to the side.

For we are all humans,
For we are all the same,
We are no different from the others,
For red is the colour of the blood that runs inside.

Let us not be envious of one another,
Let us set aside all negative feelings,
It is nothing wrong to be jealous,
But it is wrong to harm one another.

It is sinful! It is immoral! It is unethical!,
We may get through in this world,
Since no one has discovered your dark world,
But up above, that person knows, up above he will prevail.

For we know it is wrong to cause harm,
We know it is wrong to cause misery to one another,
So now, do not be sinful to them,
Let us now be good to one another.

For united we stand, divided we fall!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I am only human

I am just a normal human being,
Capable of making mistakes,
Sometimes forgetting,
Sometimes full of regrets.

I have never thought of that,
For I have always thought that I am above that,
For I am the master not the servant,
So I should be above all of that.

But one day, my life fell into pieces,
One day I fell down on my knees,
Though I may cry for forgiveness,
But nothing I could do, could undo the actions.

All that remains is only the thoughts,
All that remains is only the memories,
I may regret and repent,
But I am not sure whether I will repeat it.

But for now, I must keep on telling,
To take slow walks instead of rushing,
To admire and cherish instead of ignoring.
To take small steps instead of running.

For mistakes can be avoided if we only took time.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Token of Appreciation

People may not know this,
But I am not concerned of that,
For to me, what matters most that counts,
That no matter how far the distance, what matters most is the thought.

For that is the most important thing,
And that blood is always thicker than water,
What others think is nothing,
Compared to the act that matters more.

Actions speak louder than words,
For words may just fade away,
Actions remain in the minds,
Deep in thoughts as time may say.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mothers' Day

I salute and honour to all mothers,
Your lifetime sacrifices are sometimes not seen by all,
But yet you keep silent, quietly doing the duties,
You stood strong and steadfast like a wall.

Complementing the father, in the duties and obligations,
Your duties and obligations are by far the longest,
You start working in the early hours,
You end your work late at night.

Whenever we fall ill,
You nurse us with your tender loving care,
If we get injured after a fall,
You tended to the injury with care.

All the pain seemed painless,
Just by your divine touch,
Such is the power of mothers,
I dare to vouch.

Do honour and respect your mother,
Mothers Day is not a one day affair,
Your mother has always been there for you,
She has never gone against you.

Cherish every moment you have with her!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Malaysia my homeland

Malaysia, my homeland,
I have known you for sometime,
All this while, you have been my land,
Together with the people.

Your favourite flower is the hibiscus,
Glorious red hues, shining brightly against the sun,
Besides the red, there are also many other colours,
All these colours adds to the variety and fun.

The many colours of the hibiscus,
Represents the people of different faith and religious beliefs,
Letting us share each others differences.
Giving the gaiety and warmth amongst the families,

But of late, there are people who are putting fire,
Sowing disunity and hatred amongst our members,
What do they gain from here?
What do they want from us?

These people are like the caterpillars,
Eating the flowers and the leaves,
Making holes,
Destroying the beauty of flowers.

Why cant we set all our differences aside?
Live and respect each and everyone,
After all, we are all like the flower in this garden,
Adding the colours that shines so brightly against the sun.

One Malaysia, One Nation,
Is a vision not far from our own doing,
But it looks illusive, like going further from our horizon,
It will continue to fade until and unless we shed our doing.

Giving and setting our differences aside,
There is no wrong with having many colours,
After all, we are all living in the same premises,
Just like the flowers in paradise.

I hope and wish to call,
My Malaysia my homeland,
My Malaysia my vision for all,
My Malaysia my paradise and dreamland.

Friday, April 10, 2009

A Moments Folly

A moments folly, a lifetime remembrance,
When we lose control of ourselves,
We forget those who care for us,
Those have us in their minds.

True, you would say, there is nothing else to choose,
You have already thought of everything else,
This is the best way out,
And therefore you have chosen it.

But have you thought of what happens after this,
What would happen to you?
What happens to your families and loved ones?
How would they feel about you?

Everyone makes mistakes,
No one is perfect,
Only a coward succumbs to his mistakes,
And the brave one ventures out.

A moments folly, a lifetime of regret,
Why do you choose to regret,
When you could have avoided it,
Face up to reality, because this is it.

You can not run away from it forever,
The truth will eventually come out,
Its better to come out clean and braver,
For it takes a brave one to admit their fault.

A moments folly can be avoided,
A lifetime of regret can be erased,
Take a step to think of people around you,
Especially those who have always stood firm by you.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

One Sunny Day

One sunny day, I was talking to my mother,
My dear girl, she said to me,
Do not forget to always lend a helping hand to everyone,
For it is always good to render.

When you lend a helping hand,
Do not expect anything in return,
For people will forget your good hand,
They will only remember you when they are down.

After taking a sip of tea, she continued,
But there would be people who will remember you,
She said, God Almighty has done it good,
There will be others who will render help to you.

For these are the people who will look up to you,
For helping others that comes your way,
And that you do not expect anything coming your way,
And you do not discriminate those that come to you.

My mum continued her story,
She said, it is always good to help than to destroy,
For only it is only human to help others,
And that is why we are called humans.

We will be called inhuman if we destroy people,
Beastly if we talk bad things about others,
For we are all humans, making mistakes here and there,
So if that is the case, why be mean to others?

So go on helping others,
For if you were to go on helping people,
The world would be a much better place,
Spreading happiness.

Just a simple action goes a long way,
Just a simple assistance paves the way,
Just a simple hand makes the day,
Just a simple heart treasures the say.

One sunny day.....

Friday, March 13, 2009

Be Small

I was told I needed to be "small",
I was stunned and taken aback,
What does it mean by being "small'?
My face showed a sign of shock.

This was what the person told me,
She said to me, my dear girl,
When you are tall, you must also be small,
Now my face showed a different face.

Be tall but be small?
Whats the meaning of it?
When you are tall, you are tall,
When you are small, you are short.

So what is the main story?
When you are tall, you tend to look up,
When you are small, you tend to look ordinary,
So when you are tall, you need to look people up.

Very often a person tends to forget when they are tall,
They tend to think they are almighty,
They forget that only God is Almighty,
Only humans who are not humans tend to fall.

So I was told of this one fine day,
When you are tall, you need to think small,
For you were once a small guy,
Thinking and hoping one day you will be tall.

But when you are tall, you forget the smalls,
When you forget the smalls,
You forget your self and your principles,
You forget the teachings.

When you forget the teachings,
You forget your guiding pathways,
You forget your people,
You forget your name.

So be tall and be small,
It may be a tall order,
But it is certainly not a hard order,
For its you to be tall and small.

Monday, March 2, 2009

A Good Heart

About the size of a fist,
Weighing about 300 grams,
Is an organ called the heart,
An important role it plays.

It is used by many people,
When they swear upon it,
Uttering the words, "Cross my heart, hope to die",
Pledging loyalty and their willingness to commit.

The heart is a symbol of love and affection,
Among those in love and among families,
The heart is a symbol of kindness,
Reflecting the degree of generosity to everyone.

Yet many people often abuse the feelings of others,
Taking for granted their affections and emotions,
Abusing their generosity and kindness,
Breaking one's trust and upsetting the feelings.

Having a good heart is by far superior,
Than those who swear their allegiance to the Gods,
Saying it in vain and uttering just for the sake of their ego,
When deep down, their hearts has more blackness.

It is best not to swear in vainly upon God's name,
For he did not ask you to do so,
All he wants is your good heart and your sharing towards everyone,
And that to him is by far a godly and superior act that anyone can do.

And that is a good heart.

Friday, February 20, 2009

He who walks tall

He who walks tall,
Need not be tall,
He need not be rich in wealth,
He need not be powerful in strength.

He who walks tall,
Can be anyone,
He who walks tall,
Has a clean face.

He is not marred with scams,
He is not marred with dirty tricks,
He is not marred with evilness,
He is not marred with viciousness.

He who walks tall,
Has a good heart for all,
Has a good word for all,
Be it enemies or friends for all.

He who walks tall,
Is tall because of his virtue,
Is tall because of his faith for all,
Is tall because of his heart so true.

He who walks tall,
Receives the respect from all,
Receives recognition from all,
Receives honours from all.

He who stands tall,
Stands by his principles,
Stands by his family and friends,
Not betraying anyone of them all.

He who stands tall,
Will be remembered and revered,
Even though in death, he is accorded,
He who stands and walks tall.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Stand Up and Tall

I was crying buckets and buckets one day,
A good friend of mine pulled me to her arms,
She said to me, why do you cry?
Why there is redness in your eyes?

I told her that many people are against me,
Many people do not like me,
Many people talk bad things about me,
Many people do not like to be with me.

My dear friend smiled and brushed a tear,
She said to me, why do you bother about others,
Why do you cry when they dont bother,
Why do you fear when there is no fears.

She said to me, stand up and be like the lotus flower,
Standing strong, magnificent and beautiful,
Why do you choose to be the lily flower,
When you have the power to fulfil.

When you know you have not done anything wrong,
And you have not wronged anyone,
In whatever you have done, its true all along,
You have not cheated anyone.

So why then must you be timid,
Why then must you hide,
For you have done your bid,
Its now for you to stand true.

Be not be afraid, when you are alone,
For God is always with you,
Guiding you so that you will be true,
Making everyone proud of you.

So why then worry about others?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Little Piece of Advice

Just a little piece of advice,
I would like to share,
Decades ago, this piece of advice came,
Old but rich in value.

My late grandmother told me this,
My mum drummed it into my ears,
They said to me my little precious,
Your name is one of the most important assets.

They said to me, once your name has been sullied,
No amount of soap can have it cleaned,
No amount of work you have done can have it reversed,
People will remember you although you have died.

In whatever that you do, they said to me,
Whether at work or with friends alike,
Ensure that you do not break your principle,
Your principle represents your stand and your name.

You break your principle, you break your name,
Monies offered, positions given,
Are meant to entice,
Fooling you, so that you are taken in.

Their little piece of advice keeps on ringing till now,
This little piece of advice, I would like to share for now,
My family, relatives, friends and students alike,
For they have told me this, I am sure it is of importance.

For once, if we have betrayed our principle,
We stand with no back bone,
We are like the grass blowing with the wind,
No principle, no stand!

My late grandmother and my mother are not wrong in this,
Am sure their mothers have also told them this,
For them to share with their little ones,
So that their children stands proud with the ancestors.

That we have not gone against our principle,
That we have not gone against our people,
That even our ancestors have not been wronged,
That we stand strong, principled and unmoved.

Just a little piece of advice.