Tuesday, December 15, 2009


As I look outside the window,
I see the clouds up above against the blue skies,
I see the garden of flowers, complete with the many hues,
As I ponder deep inside me, I felt low.

Although the scenery outside looks very nice,
But it does not deep inside me,
I tend to wonder, where do I go from here?
Is my life devoid of any directions or any clue?

Do I wander around figuring out that this is it?
Do I need to set goals and objectives to go with it?
So many questions, yet I do not have any solutions to it.
So what am I supposed to do with it?

I looked up above again, I saw the sun shining brightly,
I realised that we need some kind of way,
A way to tell us that we are on the right way,
Then our directions will be going in the right way.

Its better than stumbling around here and there,
Groping around hoping to strike gold,
But each time, its not gold,
Breaking our hearts right in the centre core.

Plan your directions, Set Targets,
So you will know your progress,
Do not be disappointed when you do not do well,
For nothing is impossible if we put together our heart and soul.

Believe in yourself, Be confident,
Am sure the direction that you are going will be bright,
Making your directions clearer than ever,
And your future becoming brighter!