Friday, February 20, 2009

He who walks tall

He who walks tall,
Need not be tall,
He need not be rich in wealth,
He need not be powerful in strength.

He who walks tall,
Can be anyone,
He who walks tall,
Has a clean face.

He is not marred with scams,
He is not marred with dirty tricks,
He is not marred with evilness,
He is not marred with viciousness.

He who walks tall,
Has a good heart for all,
Has a good word for all,
Be it enemies or friends for all.

He who walks tall,
Is tall because of his virtue,
Is tall because of his faith for all,
Is tall because of his heart so true.

He who walks tall,
Receives the respect from all,
Receives recognition from all,
Receives honours from all.

He who stands tall,
Stands by his principles,
Stands by his family and friends,
Not betraying anyone of them all.

He who stands tall,
Will be remembered and revered,
Even though in death, he is accorded,
He who stands and walks tall.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Stand Up and Tall

I was crying buckets and buckets one day,
A good friend of mine pulled me to her arms,
She said to me, why do you cry?
Why there is redness in your eyes?

I told her that many people are against me,
Many people do not like me,
Many people talk bad things about me,
Many people do not like to be with me.

My dear friend smiled and brushed a tear,
She said to me, why do you bother about others,
Why do you cry when they dont bother,
Why do you fear when there is no fears.

She said to me, stand up and be like the lotus flower,
Standing strong, magnificent and beautiful,
Why do you choose to be the lily flower,
When you have the power to fulfil.

When you know you have not done anything wrong,
And you have not wronged anyone,
In whatever you have done, its true all along,
You have not cheated anyone.

So why then must you be timid,
Why then must you hide,
For you have done your bid,
Its now for you to stand true.

Be not be afraid, when you are alone,
For God is always with you,
Guiding you so that you will be true,
Making everyone proud of you.

So why then worry about others?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Little Piece of Advice

Just a little piece of advice,
I would like to share,
Decades ago, this piece of advice came,
Old but rich in value.

My late grandmother told me this,
My mum drummed it into my ears,
They said to me my little precious,
Your name is one of the most important assets.

They said to me, once your name has been sullied,
No amount of soap can have it cleaned,
No amount of work you have done can have it reversed,
People will remember you although you have died.

In whatever that you do, they said to me,
Whether at work or with friends alike,
Ensure that you do not break your principle,
Your principle represents your stand and your name.

You break your principle, you break your name,
Monies offered, positions given,
Are meant to entice,
Fooling you, so that you are taken in.

Their little piece of advice keeps on ringing till now,
This little piece of advice, I would like to share for now,
My family, relatives, friends and students alike,
For they have told me this, I am sure it is of importance.

For once, if we have betrayed our principle,
We stand with no back bone,
We are like the grass blowing with the wind,
No principle, no stand!

My late grandmother and my mother are not wrong in this,
Am sure their mothers have also told them this,
For them to share with their little ones,
So that their children stands proud with the ancestors.

That we have not gone against our principle,
That we have not gone against our people,
That even our ancestors have not been wronged,
That we stand strong, principled and unmoved.

Just a little piece of advice.