Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I look and I see, I hear but I dont know

I look and I see,
I hear but I dont see,
I see with my own eyes,
But I may not hear with my own ears.

People may say the wrong things,
When you hear them, you make wrong decisions,
Why should we based our decisions on hearsay,
When what we think is what we should say!

But then its human nature,
To listen to what people say,
For they say, there is no smoke without fire,
But then, where is the fire, more importantly.

People may sometimes make stories,
Make smoke even when there is no fire!
For to them, they feel its their duty to make fires!
Perhaps they like fire!

I beg each and everyone of us,
Is it good to make or douse a fire?
For today, their house is on fire, tomorrow it could be yours,
When disaster strikes, who do you turn to, when you are the fire?

No one in the right sense of mind would want to come close to you,
For they do not want to be fired by you!
They do not want to be fried,
Do you then like to be fried?

Havent we forgotten what our parents used to tell us?
Dont play with fire! You will get burnt,
I know mine did and till now its still ringing in my ears!
So dont play with fire, you will get burnt!

So my solemn prayer to everyone,
Dont play and be a fire,
Its not wise to be one,
For your fingers will be the victim of fire.

To each and everyone, friends and families,
Dont listen to what people say, for this is what they say,
Look with your eyes, listen with your ears,
For it betters your day!