Thursday, July 31, 2008

Why cant I be like others?

Oh, why cant I be like others?
Oh, why cant I be number one?
So many questions,
But no perfect answer for anyone.

We are not like others,
We were never made to be the same,
God has made that difference in each of us,
So that we are special and unique.

Behind this uniqueness lies the strength and ability,
That will bring us the fame that we have been wanting,
The fame that will make us stand and mighty,
The fortune that we have been yearning.

What lies ahead depends on ourself,
No one is far more powerful than oneself,
For we are the master of our own destiny,
We chart our own destiny.

We make or break ourself,
A journey begins with that single step,
Push yourself,
For you would not know, if you dont step up.

Chin up and face the road,
For what lies ahead,
Is only for us to know when we have tried,
And then we can be like them because we have tried.