Saturday, March 14, 2009

One Sunny Day

One sunny day, I was talking to my mother,
My dear girl, she said to me,
Do not forget to always lend a helping hand to everyone,
For it is always good to render.

When you lend a helping hand,
Do not expect anything in return,
For people will forget your good hand,
They will only remember you when they are down.

After taking a sip of tea, she continued,
But there would be people who will remember you,
She said, God Almighty has done it good,
There will be others who will render help to you.

For these are the people who will look up to you,
For helping others that comes your way,
And that you do not expect anything coming your way,
And you do not discriminate those that come to you.

My mum continued her story,
She said, it is always good to help than to destroy,
For only it is only human to help others,
And that is why we are called humans.

We will be called inhuman if we destroy people,
Beastly if we talk bad things about others,
For we are all humans, making mistakes here and there,
So if that is the case, why be mean to others?

So go on helping others,
For if you were to go on helping people,
The world would be a much better place,
Spreading happiness.

Just a simple action goes a long way,
Just a simple assistance paves the way,
Just a simple hand makes the day,
Just a simple heart treasures the say.

One sunny day.....

Friday, March 13, 2009

Be Small

I was told I needed to be "small",
I was stunned and taken aback,
What does it mean by being "small'?
My face showed a sign of shock.

This was what the person told me,
She said to me, my dear girl,
When you are tall, you must also be small,
Now my face showed a different face.

Be tall but be small?
Whats the meaning of it?
When you are tall, you are tall,
When you are small, you are short.

So what is the main story?
When you are tall, you tend to look up,
When you are small, you tend to look ordinary,
So when you are tall, you need to look people up.

Very often a person tends to forget when they are tall,
They tend to think they are almighty,
They forget that only God is Almighty,
Only humans who are not humans tend to fall.

So I was told of this one fine day,
When you are tall, you need to think small,
For you were once a small guy,
Thinking and hoping one day you will be tall.

But when you are tall, you forget the smalls,
When you forget the smalls,
You forget your self and your principles,
You forget the teachings.

When you forget the teachings,
You forget your guiding pathways,
You forget your people,
You forget your name.

So be tall and be small,
It may be a tall order,
But it is certainly not a hard order,
For its you to be tall and small.

Monday, March 2, 2009

A Good Heart

About the size of a fist,
Weighing about 300 grams,
Is an organ called the heart,
An important role it plays.

It is used by many people,
When they swear upon it,
Uttering the words, "Cross my heart, hope to die",
Pledging loyalty and their willingness to commit.

The heart is a symbol of love and affection,
Among those in love and among families,
The heart is a symbol of kindness,
Reflecting the degree of generosity to everyone.

Yet many people often abuse the feelings of others,
Taking for granted their affections and emotions,
Abusing their generosity and kindness,
Breaking one's trust and upsetting the feelings.

Having a good heart is by far superior,
Than those who swear their allegiance to the Gods,
Saying it in vain and uttering just for the sake of their ego,
When deep down, their hearts has more blackness.

It is best not to swear in vainly upon God's name,
For he did not ask you to do so,
All he wants is your good heart and your sharing towards everyone,
And that to him is by far a godly and superior act that anyone can do.

And that is a good heart.