Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Filial Piety

Filial piety is an important value among the Asians,
It describes the faithfulness and care of the younger generation,
Since time immemorial, the older generation has stressed these issues,
Hoping that the future generations will passed it on.

However, the world is rather unpredictable,
What more with the tsunamis and earthquakes happening!
Things are changing very fast and unstoppable,
Some say we have to keep moving.

While we move on, some values should not change,
For it reflects the values of our society,
The values that has been passed on since,
Cherishing the Asian way!

Has materialism set in our society?
Has materialism change many a kind soul?
Is materialism a powerful energy?
With the ability to rock what was passed since time immemorial?

Have our eyes blurred?
Has our eyes become sort and short sighted?
Have we misted our eyes to be moneyed?
Have we become that bad?

But have we forgotten, that whatever we do now,
Will be on us when we are in that situation,
How we treat our elders and the fellows,
Will also be treated to us by our children.

They look upon us as their role models,
They look upon us as their examples,
For they say, if mum and dad can do it, why not me?
If mum and dad has done it, why not me?

Filial piety is by no means a herculean effort,
It just requires a little time and activity,
The older generation has tasted the salt,
They know which sea is salty.

Care for them when they know,
Care for them when they can feel it,
For its no point showing when they are not here now,
For its pointless when they dont feel it.

Its nothing great to show off,
Its nothing great telling people of how good you are,
For people are no push off,
They can see and they can tell of what is there!

Start afresh now, its never too late,
Start by spending some time with them,
Talk to them and understand their time,
For if you do not do it now, you may not be able to do it again.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Lifes' chapters

Life's chapters starts with the birth of the child,
The cries of the child thunders through the ward,
Tears of happiness rolls down the mother's face,
After all, its a 9 month period of time!

As the child grows, they learn new things,
Like a sponge, they absorb many things,
Like a parrot, they talk what they see,
They are innocent like the white slate.

As the child grows to be an adolescent,
They see many things around the environment,
They have many friends,
The good and the bad unfortunately surrounds.

Good and bad habits are sometimes added,
Sometimes bad habits are hard to throw,
It sticks like a magnet,
No matter where you are, it will follow!

When we grow up, we need to think,
After all, they say we are already an adult,
We are now matured in our thoughts and can think!
Of what is wrong and right!

Like any book, it has an introduction,
It goes on with the storyline,
The book of life has its storyline!
Its just that we need to mention!

Books have an ending,
The book of life has it ending,
It ends with the departure and the wailing,
From the hearts of the many surrounding,

Whats more important is the storyline,
Whats more important is what you have done during your lifetime!
Whatever you have done will be impregnated in the minds of everyone,
Whatever you have done has its impact on everyone.

Good or bad it leaves memories,
Good or bad it leaves a taste,
Its better we leave in a good taste!
Digestion is better with fond memories!

Filial piety is much missing amongst many,
Filial piety is often misted with materialism,
Compassion is now a rare asset among many,
Its not often you see them.

However, some like to show their filial-ness by wailing the loudest,
Some like to show to others that they care for the departed,
However, when the departed was alive, they couldnt care a hoot,
Such are the people that we see around.

Be not like them, be better than them,
Start your caring when you can,
Show the love to them,
After all, its not herculean!

The book of life has its conclusions,
Let us have good conclusions,
It leaves better aftertastes,
Am sure no one wants indigestions!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


True spirit is achieved when everyone thinks alike,
True oneness is obtained when differences set aside,
Trueness can be achieved if we think likewise,
Trueness can be attained when we are one.

The spirit of oneness can be a reality,
The spirit of togetherness is not illusive,
True thoughts and true hearts goes side by side,
True spirit will then be in harmony!

All types of prejudices needs to be set aside,
All types of opinions be average,
Everyone has their own right,
Everyone has their own fight!

But let us all fight for the right cause,
For its stupid to fight among ourselves,
We will only weaken ourselves,
Making it easy for the enemy to invade!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

In the heat

In the heat of it, think three times before you speak,
For words that comes out may not be something nice to hear,
For once after you have spoken it, you cannot take it back,
For the tear is already there.

No matter how hard you try to patch things up,
The feelings are not the same like before,
The memories are still there,
So its hard to forget and patch up.

In the heat of it, do take your time,
Before you speak, think first,
It does make a difference,
Which has an everlasting effect!.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Its not easy to show your appreciation,
The feelings of happiness is not easy to put into words,
Many shed tears of joy, though they are happy beyond words,
Many do try hard to show their appreciation.

Sometimes the same is not felt by the other person,
Maybe they feel that they deserve better than that,
Maybe they feel they should receive a monetary appreciation,
But when you offered the help, did you ask for it?

To be appreciated, one needs to be a little self less,
Monetary expectations should be lessened,
For to offer help is something is a bless,
To receive the appreciation is not to demand.

Its up to the person, whether they want to show the appreciation,
Its up to the person, whether to give monetary rewards,
Its up to the person whether they have the conscience in them,
Its up to them to look into their souls.

One thing is clear,

To offer help is indeed a blessing,
To offer help shows your generous side,
To offer help shows your humble side,
To offer help shows you are a good being.

The law of karma is strong,
The law of karma is ever so right,
For what you do, you will get it,
For what you do, you will be receiving.

Thats the law of appreciation

Friday, January 15, 2010


Friendship goes beyond the boundaries of colours,
It starts from the bottom most of your heart,
Friendship does not depend on colours,
Friendship depends on your heart.

For your heart tells the person you are,
The heart describes how strong and weak you are,
When you are weak, you need someone to defend you,
It is only during this time, when you know who is beside you.

Friendship goes beyond these boundaries,
Do not let ourselves be bound by rules,
Let friendship develop regardless of rules and regulations,
For these would only stifle the movements.

Someone close to me always tells me this,
She said, never ever destroy a person,
If you can help someone, do extend the assistance to that person,
That someone close to me, did not say I need to look at colours.

Where friendship is concerned, there are no colours,
Where friendship is concerned, let us be colour blind,
When you are drowning, do you have time to look at who is extending the hand?
When you are drowning, do you have time to think of rules and regulations?

Let us all look at friendship with a different shade,
In whatever shade you may choose,
For friendship does not ask for the multi-hues that we have,
Friendship only calls for a heart thats sincere.