Thursday, April 23, 2009

Malaysia my homeland

Malaysia, my homeland,
I have known you for sometime,
All this while, you have been my land,
Together with the people.

Your favourite flower is the hibiscus,
Glorious red hues, shining brightly against the sun,
Besides the red, there are also many other colours,
All these colours adds to the variety and fun.

The many colours of the hibiscus,
Represents the people of different faith and religious beliefs,
Letting us share each others differences.
Giving the gaiety and warmth amongst the families,

But of late, there are people who are putting fire,
Sowing disunity and hatred amongst our members,
What do they gain from here?
What do they want from us?

These people are like the caterpillars,
Eating the flowers and the leaves,
Making holes,
Destroying the beauty of flowers.

Why cant we set all our differences aside?
Live and respect each and everyone,
After all, we are all like the flower in this garden,
Adding the colours that shines so brightly against the sun.

One Malaysia, One Nation,
Is a vision not far from our own doing,
But it looks illusive, like going further from our horizon,
It will continue to fade until and unless we shed our doing.

Giving and setting our differences aside,
There is no wrong with having many colours,
After all, we are all living in the same premises,
Just like the flowers in paradise.

I hope and wish to call,
My Malaysia my homeland,
My Malaysia my vision for all,
My Malaysia my paradise and dreamland.

Friday, April 10, 2009

A Moments Folly

A moments folly, a lifetime remembrance,
When we lose control of ourselves,
We forget those who care for us,
Those have us in their minds.

True, you would say, there is nothing else to choose,
You have already thought of everything else,
This is the best way out,
And therefore you have chosen it.

But have you thought of what happens after this,
What would happen to you?
What happens to your families and loved ones?
How would they feel about you?

Everyone makes mistakes,
No one is perfect,
Only a coward succumbs to his mistakes,
And the brave one ventures out.

A moments folly, a lifetime of regret,
Why do you choose to regret,
When you could have avoided it,
Face up to reality, because this is it.

You can not run away from it forever,
The truth will eventually come out,
Its better to come out clean and braver,
For it takes a brave one to admit their fault.

A moments folly can be avoided,
A lifetime of regret can be erased,
Take a step to think of people around you,
Especially those who have always stood firm by you.