Monday, April 28, 2008

Beauty and Innocence

As I look into the beautiful small face,
Here is a tiny face, looking and gazing at me,
With the smile so lovely and cute,
The tiny hands and fingers reaching to me,

But as I looked through the newspapers,
I see totally different scenes,
A mother throwing the new born,
An unwed mother going through an abortion,

Its truly a sad, sad world,
The child is innocent,
The child has not lived the life yet,
So, why then let it end,

The tiny face possess an enormous energy,
Willing to take on the world single-handedly,
The tiny face possess much beauty and innocence,
With a heart of true love,

The tiny face represents our future,
The tiny face represents renewed energy,
The tiny face requires guidance,
The tiny face requires destiny,

The tiny hand may one day shake the world,
The tiny hand may one day build the world,
The tiny hand needs a helping hand,
Together, the tiny hand will succeed,

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Living the Life

We live in this wonderful world once!
This wonderful world has the best things in life,
Beautiful sceneries to make you spellbound,
Wonderful people to make you astound,

But in our hectic world,
We sometimes ignore all these good things,
Rushing here and there in this mad world,
Sometimes stepping into people's toes,

Cursing and swearing when things don't fall into our plan,
Blaming and pointing fingers to one another,
Finding the scapegoat and making it the sacrificial lamb,
But then, is this proper?

Shouldn't we look into ourselves first?
Can we claim that we are always perfect?
And whatever that we do is always right!
But then are we always right?

Live life to the fullest, take one step at a time,
Time is yours to manage,
Look deep into ourselves first, before looking further,
For sometimes, the fault lies no farther,

We live once in this wonderful world,
Make impacts by having a good word,
Start by making your life wonderful,
And you will live full!