Sunday, December 14, 2008

Live for yourself

Live not for others,
Live for yourself,
Others may tell you this,
But others dont know yourself,

Why do we listen in vain to them,
When what they talk is only their opinion,
What matters most is not with them,
What matters most lies within,

Others may have their own objective,
But others dont know your objective,
Only you know your own objective,
Then why do we allow others to be the directive,

Is it because we are afraid of others?
Is it because we are afraid of losing?
Is it because we care for others?
Or is it because we are missing something?

What we are missing is living for ourselves,
So long as we do not do bad things,
So long as we do not break things,
So long as we do not mess things.

Then why are we living not for ourselves?
Is it high time that we live for ourselves?
Is it high time that we take pride in having our own objectives?
Our own mind, our own decisions.

Win or lose, we bear the consequences,
Win or lose, we take pride in our decisions,
For better or for worse, at least we have done things,
Not for others, but for we ourselves.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Power of determination

The power of determination,
Lies within ourselves,
It is not a difficult situation,
Just that we need to look within ourselves.

Many a time, we surrender,
Many a time, we cried our hearts out,
Many a time, we thought that we are the loser,
Many a time, we have walked out.

What lies between ourselves and the victor,
Is a simple thing but its very powerful,
Determination and will power,
Each and everyone of us has got it in full.

The only problem is, we are not using it to the fullest,
Step up and be the victor,
Have confidence and say that you can do it,
For today and the day onward, is a new tomorrow.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Why cant I be like others?

Oh, why cant I be like others?
Oh, why cant I be number one?
So many questions,
But no perfect answer for anyone.

We are not like others,
We were never made to be the same,
God has made that difference in each of us,
So that we are special and unique.

Behind this uniqueness lies the strength and ability,
That will bring us the fame that we have been wanting,
The fame that will make us stand and mighty,
The fortune that we have been yearning.

What lies ahead depends on ourself,
No one is far more powerful than oneself,
For we are the master of our own destiny,
We chart our own destiny.

We make or break ourself,
A journey begins with that single step,
Push yourself,
For you would not know, if you dont step up.

Chin up and face the road,
For what lies ahead,
Is only for us to know when we have tried,
And then we can be like them because we have tried.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Being Thankful

Be thankful for the life that we have,
For there are others that do not have,
Be thankful for the people that we have,
For there are others that do not have.

Such simple words, simple meanings,
But have always gone unappreciated,
We grumble our miserables,
We cursed and swear like this is the end.

Be thankful that you have today,
Why worry about tomorrow,
When you still have today to make your day,
Let tomorrow be tomorrow.

Be appreciative to people around you,
Do not dismiss them,
The people, friend or foe have always been around you,
Letting your day out of the doldrum.

Family, friends and foe alike live together with us,
They are always with us,
They make our life meaningful,
Be thankful.

Be thankful that you have today,
Be thankful that you can make people happy,
Be thankful that you can still smile away,
Be thankful that they are still your company.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

To all mothers and fathers

Mothers and fathers represents our teachers,
They moulded and shaped our characters,
Our behaviour and moods are determined by them,
They are like our craftsmen.

Honour your parents daily,
Do not just wait for a special day,
They do not require a lot of money,
All they want is your day.

Spend time with them,
A phone call, a brief conversation lightens them,
They have toiled hard for your betterment,
And now is for you to pamper them.

They are not expensive,
Nor are they costly,
Your tuition fees was not expensive,
They thought your future was more costly.

Love your parents without any limitation,
For they have done the same to you without any reservation,
Our parents are our foundation,
Giving us strength and nutrition.

To all teachers

You guided me when I was lost,
You pushed me when I was hesitant,
You pulled me up when I fell down,
You comforted me when I was down.

It is because of you that I am brave,
It is because of you that I have that confidence,
It is because of you that I had my way,
It is because of you that I have today.

To all teachers, thank you for being the light!

I would like to thank the following list of teachers:
Primary School:
Mrs Ngooi Ee How (primary school Head Mistress) - for championing the caring concept among teachers. I can still remember vividly. Mrs Ngooi with an angry face reprimanding teachers for neglecting their duty. She reminded all teachers to make sure that all students have gone back home before they return home. And all students are supposed to go with their lawful guardians or their parents. One student was almost kidnapped by a stranger. If not for the attitude of the teacher, the student will be gone. Very quickly, she held onto the arms of the student, refusing to let go the girl. In the end, the stranger had to leave. However, I am still shock how come, until now, people still dont learn their lesson!

Mrs Chee (Standard Four) - for making sure I write good writing. Till today, I can still write cursive. Though my students say its like "cacing"!.

One Standard Two teacher (sorry I forgot the name!) for insisting me to tell my parents that I needed to wear glasses - I kept squinting!

Secondary School:
Mrs Lilian Tan (Form 3 and 4 - accounting) - for ensuring that I understood accounting! Till today, I can still remember how she drums those principles to my tiny brain! And for providing the encouragement and recognition when I did well for my exam. It was quite a nice feeling to have your name being mentioned in the assembly by the Headmistress.

Mrs Evelyn Kuan (Form 5 - form teacher and general science) - for giving me a very good "kick". She said, I have the courage and determination which is stronger than anyone. And that if I put all these, I will excel better than anyone.

Cikgu Mohd Hussein (Form 5 - History) - he gave extra classes on Saturday for History (one of the subjects which I dont like!) but he showed what is a teacher with the spirit.

Mrs Jenny Ee (Form 3 - maths) - she has a good strong voice. When she screamed the whole Form Three block could hear her voice. She may be fierce but I do know that she has a heart of gold. She is sincere. And because of her my maths improved. My rough book was as neat as my exercise book!

High School:
Mr. Rangganathan (Form 6 - Kertas Am) - he taught me determination. I can still remember vividly. As he was going through the exercise books, one student had "periuk belanga" instead of "periuk nasi" which is the correct phrase to use. We could not laugh. Yours trully giggled and he looked sternly upon me. I read in the papers that he won the Tokoh Guru Award. Thats a good choice!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New Link - MMU Students

This would be the blog spot for students,
especially when they are doing their FYP

Monday, April 28, 2008

Beauty and Innocence

As I look into the beautiful small face,
Here is a tiny face, looking and gazing at me,
With the smile so lovely and cute,
The tiny hands and fingers reaching to me,

But as I looked through the newspapers,
I see totally different scenes,
A mother throwing the new born,
An unwed mother going through an abortion,

Its truly a sad, sad world,
The child is innocent,
The child has not lived the life yet,
So, why then let it end,

The tiny face possess an enormous energy,
Willing to take on the world single-handedly,
The tiny face possess much beauty and innocence,
With a heart of true love,

The tiny face represents our future,
The tiny face represents renewed energy,
The tiny face requires guidance,
The tiny face requires destiny,

The tiny hand may one day shake the world,
The tiny hand may one day build the world,
The tiny hand needs a helping hand,
Together, the tiny hand will succeed,

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Living the Life

We live in this wonderful world once!
This wonderful world has the best things in life,
Beautiful sceneries to make you spellbound,
Wonderful people to make you astound,

But in our hectic world,
We sometimes ignore all these good things,
Rushing here and there in this mad world,
Sometimes stepping into people's toes,

Cursing and swearing when things don't fall into our plan,
Blaming and pointing fingers to one another,
Finding the scapegoat and making it the sacrificial lamb,
But then, is this proper?

Shouldn't we look into ourselves first?
Can we claim that we are always perfect?
And whatever that we do is always right!
But then are we always right?

Live life to the fullest, take one step at a time,
Time is yours to manage,
Look deep into ourselves first, before looking further,
For sometimes, the fault lies no farther,

We live once in this wonderful world,
Make impacts by having a good word,
Start by making your life wonderful,
And you will live full!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Words are used to express thoughts,
So others will know and understand,
Words can be expressed verbally or in prints,
Whichever way, the pen is always mightier than the sword.

A gracious word soothes the ailing heart,
Nice words motivates,
Giving determination and strengthening the might,
Giving the necessary pushes.

A timely word corrects situations,
Smoothening wrinkles or ripples,
Used correctly it enlivens,
However, words are never easy to express!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Gift

What is a gift?
A gift is something from someone,
A gift that is from the heart,
Who is this someone?

Must this gift come with the wrappers?
Must it come with those colourful ribbons?
Must it be those brandies?
Must it be the expensives?

A gift from the heart,
Can be simple yet special,
And it can be from anyone that you meet,
For they make your life seemed meaningful.

The gift of friendship, comes from everyone,
The gift of love, comes from sharing and caring,
The gift of compassion, lets you share with the unfortunate,
Most important, the gift of sight, lets you see everything!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Lifes' Wonders

Life sometimes has it wonders,
Only difference is,
We look with close eyes,
Refusing to look at other aspects.

The security guard that always greets you,
The scrawny parking attendant that keeps that parking lot for you,
The cleaning lady that smiles her toothless grin at you,
The tea lady that knows how to brew the special tea for you.

Oh why do our eyes only look what we want to look,
What we want to look sometimes leaves us crook,
For sometimes we look too far ahead,
Until what lies in front of us seems void.

Little drops of water maketh a mighty ocean,
Little gestures of actions maketh a pleasant land,
Life has a lot to offer,
Live it up and live better.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Be Determined

Never Say No,
If you want to do something,
You need determination and motivation,
And the place where is all starts,
From the heart!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year to everyone

Success is not the key to happiness.
Happiness is the key to success.
If you love what you are doing,
You will be
happy and successful ...
Have a Successful Year ahead!!!