Sunday, June 28, 2009

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

A piece of matchstick is no match,
Likewise one person is of no match,
Against the many problems,
Against the many troubles.

Many sticks that bind together,
Many members that cling together,
Unbreakable would be the sticks,
Unbreakable would be the spirits,

United we stand, divided we fall,
Alone by ourselves, we are defenseless,
Alone by ourselves, we are powerless,
Why should we stay divided, if we know we will fall.

All members need to stand together,
All members need to be together,
All differences set aside,
All problems pushed to the side.

For we are all humans,
For we are all the same,
We are no different from the others,
For red is the colour of the blood that runs inside.

Let us not be envious of one another,
Let us set aside all negative feelings,
It is nothing wrong to be jealous,
But it is wrong to harm one another.

It is sinful! It is immoral! It is unethical!,
We may get through in this world,
Since no one has discovered your dark world,
But up above, that person knows, up above he will prevail.

For we know it is wrong to cause harm,
We know it is wrong to cause misery to one another,
So now, do not be sinful to them,
Let us now be good to one another.

For united we stand, divided we fall!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I am only human

I am just a normal human being,
Capable of making mistakes,
Sometimes forgetting,
Sometimes full of regrets.

I have never thought of that,
For I have always thought that I am above that,
For I am the master not the servant,
So I should be above all of that.

But one day, my life fell into pieces,
One day I fell down on my knees,
Though I may cry for forgiveness,
But nothing I could do, could undo the actions.

All that remains is only the thoughts,
All that remains is only the memories,
I may regret and repent,
But I am not sure whether I will repeat it.

But for now, I must keep on telling,
To take slow walks instead of rushing,
To admire and cherish instead of ignoring.
To take small steps instead of running.

For mistakes can be avoided if we only took time.