Friday, August 28, 2009

Nobody Knows

Nobody knows what your heart says,
Nobody knows what your head says,
All they know is you are not helping,
All they know is you are not doing anything.

Little do they realise, you are doing something,
Little do they realise, you are hard working,
Little do they realise, you do care for people,
Little do they realise, how capable you are.

People sometimes have a narrow perception of things,
People sometimes think a little low of others,
People sometimes say things based on what they are seeing,
People sometimes say things without thinking!

Do not be this "nobody knows",
Be someone that "somebody knows",
For it means a lot to the other person,
For it shows how much you care for this other person.

For today, you may not need someone's help,
For today, you are strong and invincible,
No one knows whats in store,
No one knows when we are going to put our hands up!

Start by being someone that cares,
Start by being someone that understands,
For today if you start this,
You will start something good for the future generations!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Friend

A friend in need, is a friend indeed,
As per the saying goes,
Everyone wants to be a friend,
But not everyone can be friends.

When you are in trouble,
They will run away from you,
When you are in trouble,
They do not remember you.

A friend in need is a friend indeed,
It is through this time,
The true colours can be clearly seen,
Whatever shade clearly shown.

A true friend is someone who stands by you,
A true friend is someone who will guide you,
They will not abandon you,
They will not foresake you.

A true friend will understand you,
A true friend will not laugh at you,
They will laugh together with you,
They will cherish you.

Be a good friend to everyone,
Be it your enemy or even a stranger,
For it pays not to destroy someone,
It does not pay to be a back stabber.

Friendship travels through many years,
Right from your childhood days till your graying days,
For if you have become a good friend,
This friend will remember you till old.

Let bygones be bygones,
If you have made a mistake,
Apologise and admit your mistake,
Its not wrong but it improves.

So start your day by being a friend,
And may this world be a better world,
For the generations to come,
For them to cherish the good value.

So be a friend and may you be a friend indeed.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Ever thought about your life?
Ever thought about how you want to live?
Living the life,
Making each moment full of life!

Do we want to live the life full of regret?
Or do we choose to fill it with love and happiness?
Am sure each and everyone will choose the that,
For it makes sense and brings happiness.

But how do we live that life?
Not too difficult,
Not too mind boggling as a matter of fact,
Its very simple!

Achieve contentment,
Achieve satisfaction,
Achieve happiness throughout,
Achieve recognition.

Simple but all too difficult,
Because people's desires are never limited,
People always desire to have the most,
Being better than your friend.

But being better than your friend,
Doesnt mean that you must betray him,
Being better, doesnt mean you must destroy him,
Being better means you are his friend in need.

He will always think of you,
For you are the person that he could turn to when he needed help,
You were the person that extended that help,
And that made him think of you.

True, one might say, he wont remember you,
He wont think of you unless he is in trouble,
He is only making use of you,
But do remember at least you have helped someone!

Isnt that good? Isnt that worth the while?
I maybe alone in this opinion,
For it is always better to be of help to someone,
Rather than being any to none.

Nonetheless, it is much better not to think of evil things,
Nonetheless, it is much better not to do evil things,
Do not be envious of others,
Do not have hate for others.

They did not steal from you,
They did not take any from you,
They have achieved it on their own,
They made it this far through their sweat and brow.

So let us all be together,
Let us all think as one,
For it is good to have a life,
It is good to live together as one!

And that is living!