Friday, January 15, 2010


Friendship goes beyond the boundaries of colours,
It starts from the bottom most of your heart,
Friendship does not depend on colours,
Friendship depends on your heart.

For your heart tells the person you are,
The heart describes how strong and weak you are,
When you are weak, you need someone to defend you,
It is only during this time, when you know who is beside you.

Friendship goes beyond these boundaries,
Do not let ourselves be bound by rules,
Let friendship develop regardless of rules and regulations,
For these would only stifle the movements.

Someone close to me always tells me this,
She said, never ever destroy a person,
If you can help someone, do extend the assistance to that person,
That someone close to me, did not say I need to look at colours.

Where friendship is concerned, there are no colours,
Where friendship is concerned, let us be colour blind,
When you are drowning, do you have time to look at who is extending the hand?
When you are drowning, do you have time to think of rules and regulations?

Let us all look at friendship with a different shade,
In whatever shade you may choose,
For friendship does not ask for the multi-hues that we have,
Friendship only calls for a heart thats sincere.