Thursday, October 22, 2009

Takes time

Words do not simply come out of me,
For if I talk too fast, it hurts,
If I hurt your feelings,
It would be difficult to re-gain your confidence in me.

So it is best, to refrain from talking without thinking,
In a fit of anger, your thou
ghts would be confused,
t would be best to do some calculating,
It would be best to re-check your card.

For it takes time to make friends,
It takes time to have someone believing,
It takes time for convincing,
It takes time to have true friends.

It takes time to know the true colours in a person,
It takes time to know the true feelings in a person,
It takes time to know the motive in a person,
It takes time to know a person.

So forgive me if I take my time,
Forgive me if I am late,
For it was never my intention to disbelieve,
It is just that I would like to take my time.

For time tells the story of a person,
Of how well the person is,
The true colours,
Black or white will be made known.

Forgive me, if I take my time.....


Seng said...

Dear Susan,
Another writing masterpiece of yours. I really like this one. I cannot agree more with you that it takes a considerable amount of time to know a person inside out and outside in.
Time will reveal the true nature of a person. I would say that good friendship is a long ripening process.
Have a nice day.
Kind regards
Seng Kong

stschin said...

Thank you for your kind words...

joE said...

let us take our time
till the fruit is ripe
till the true colour is shown,
let us wait till that time come

stschin said...

Joe...very well said

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